Russell Brand blows your tiny mind…

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“You can’t define who you are by comparing yourself to others; you must define yourself internally with a relationship with a higher entity. Think of yourself as a visual representation of your ideal self. Also, we cannot see atoms or … Continue reading

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World’s first GM babies born???

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This article is a view really into what MAY come of our world in the very near future.  You see people do not realize how much technology is advancing and it really will just “all of a sudden” be everywhere … Continue reading

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Is David Icke Crazy or Genius? Watch the movie…

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David Icke has been around for a while shouting conspiracy theories that would make most people think he is a mad man.  Well lets for an instance be an observer of all the information out there and not be attached … Continue reading

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Gandhi’s 10 Rules for Changing the World

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This article is a very introspective article.  Ghandi was one of the world’s most inspirational thought leaders of the last century.  His wisdom will ring through generations to come.  Please read this article with an open mind and heart so … Continue reading

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A way to let go of daily fear…

Ever wonder why people fear so much?  Ever want to let go of that fear yourself?  Well here is a video that will really blow your mind…so many of us fear such little things and get trapped in our own mind about stuff…this video shows the depth and breadth of human possibility – maybe its time we all let go of fear and started really really living!

Best of Web 5 – HD – Zapatou

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A Reason Why – What is LIFE anyways?

Here is a great video on LIFE and what it is all about.  And while I love this video I DO NOT support any religion, even the religion that this video names.  I support free will and choice and I am NOT part of any one denomination.  I am spiritual and believe that to get a full picture of life and what it is one must look at all religions and keep an OPEN MIND.  Please watch with an open mind and heart and take the teaching for what it is – not where it comes from.

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SUN GAZING – Super Human Abilities?

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  NASA Confirms -Super Human Abilities Gained Through Sun-Gazing   Do not engage in sungazing practices without proper training and medical supervision. Permanent eye injury and blindness may occur. Do not attempt to change your diet and live on sunlight … Continue reading

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Anyone want to magically get results…find out here how…

Ever struggled with getting different results in life?  Ever wondered how to actually change a habit that is not serving you?

Watch this video for answers….

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Body Talk System

Want to learn how to tap into your intuition more?

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What are you attached to?

Attachment? What are we really attached to? And are those things the most important things in our lives?

These are great questions to ask ourselves from time to time to help remember what is really important to us.

So much of our lives we get attached to things that can be replaced and forget about the really important things that can not be replaced – like the people in our lives.

When you find yourself struggling with your relationships – ask yourself – what am I attached to that is not important? What would I be really upset about if I lost it? And then examine why you feel that way.

Sometimes losing something physical – like pictures or an object of some sort helps remind us (in a hard way) that the only really important things in this world are the relationships we have with one another.

Treasure those relationships. They are precious.

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